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Autonomous vehicles and the uninvited passenger

South Africa – With Michael Knight’s KITT, Arnold’s Johnny Cab and Tom Cruise’s Lexus 2054 from Minority Report, it would seem that Hollywood is an excellent predictor of the future. Autonomous or self-driving vehicles are no longer just a flight of fantasy. According to a Business Insider Intelligence report, it is estimated that by the...
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Mother Nature versus the Insurance Industry

South Africa – Hail storms, severe flooding, hurricanes, heat waves, fires, earthquakes and droughts – it would appear as if these severe weather events are becoming the norm. With 2017 being the second-most expensive year on record for disaster losses, climate change and the resultant loss and damage are having a very real impact on...
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Cybercrime insurance: What role do brokers play?

Johannesburg – As businesses modernise, they increasingly rely on digital technology to run their daily operations. This makes organisations more efficient but also opens up the business to the risks that come with cyber technology. What businesses need is adequate cover to protect against a cyber breach or related incident.