About Us


Acuideas is an innovative insurance service offering from Indwe Intermediary Support Services, a subsidiary of Indwe Broker Holdings. The company officially launched on 1st March 2016, although it has several years of discussion and planning behind it.

It is run as an independent business, with its own IT system platform and administrative services, ensuring total separation of Indwe Risk Services customer data and client base. At the same time, with premium buying power at its disposal, a countrywide network of 25 branches, and a 51% B-BBEE shareholding investment by African Rainbow Capital in Indwe, Acuideas promotes a new Collaborative Partnership Model in the insurance sector.

With cutting edge product development and sound business relationships, we offer cost-effective short-term solutions through a Broker Support Model and a Product Provider Support Model. This, combined with a thorough understanding of the market drivers and insurance value chain, allows us to provide innovative and collaborative risk-based solutions to brokers, insurers, underwriting management agencies and retailers, distributing risk-based product solutions to customers.