Lifestyle Offerings

Life & Investments

Through its strategic alliances with Indwe Bluestar and Sanlam Group, Acuideas can facilitate access to the following products and services:

Employee Benefits

Your workforce is the most important part of your operation, playing a vital role in your success. We provide tailored solutions for group life, group disability and dread disease, retirement planning, and investment.

Key Person Insurance

If your business has a principal person responsible for the majority of your profits, or whose unique knowledge, work, skill, or contribution is considered invaluable to your business, you can take out a policy on their life or health. This is done to offset the costs and losses which you may suffer in the event of the loss of such a key person.

Buy and Sell Agreements

Protect the future of your business in the event that you or one of your partners passes away or becomes disabled. This is achieved by agreeing that the surviving partners or shareholders will buy the interest of the deceased or disabled partner. Each shareholder will take out a life policy on the other’s life, which will fund the purchase of their interest if the time comes.

Contingent Liability Insurance

When you start a new business venture you are often forced to take out a loan to cover the start-up costs. If something happens to you before you are able to pay back this loan, your business and family could be at risk. With this insurance, the loan amount is paid in full, providing your family and business with financial protection.

Investment Portfolio and Asset Management

Discretionary, segregated, share portfolios are offered to clients, which are run by an experienced portfolio manager according to specific strategies or mandates.