We do admin, you do relationships

With new and amended regulations always evolving, financial services providers must meet stricter standards for administration, advice, compliance, and education. We support small- to mid-sized independent brokers by taking on your time-intensive administration processes, so you can focus on business – both new and existing. We provide a “fractional back office” with technical, claims and administrative support at significantly less cost than employing your own staff.

We support, you remain independent

We understand your broking business and the importance of remaining independent with a sound business reputation. We know the value of having critical mass in terms of premiums in the market. We don’t interfere in your key relationships with your primary insurers, but we do help to lighten your administrative workload, so that you can spend more time interacting with clients.You retain your ownership structures and brand identity, keeping all commission and advice fees on your book.

We know insurance, you
get great products

You get access to a comprehensive list of local insurers for both commercial and personal lines short-term insurance business. We will assist you with compliance and obtaining professional indemnity cover. Additional growth opportunities are presented via the Allied Africa Broker Network, which offers access across 14 countries in Africa.


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